June 02, 2004
Max Sandlin interview

My Texas Tuesdays colleage Gary Beason has a nice interview with Rep. Max Sandlin up on the TT site. Check it out. If nothing else, this ought to impress you about Sandlin:

Chili Pepper Magazine called you the “Zestiest Legislator.” Can you still eat eight peppers and chug a bottle of Tabasco sauce?

Two years ago I ate eight peppers and chugged a bottle of Tabasco sauce in five minutes as part of a competition between chili pepper providing states. Last year, I ate 42 peppers in five minutes along with the Tabasco closer.


I wish they would think of a new competition—enough is enough!


There's a second post about some lies Sandlin's opponent is spreading in his early campaign advertising. Now, I certainly wish that Sandlin had voted against the so-called (and currently deemed to be unconstitutional) "Partial Birth Abortion" ban, but I cannot understand the utility of claiming that he did when a little websurfing proves it to be untrue. If Louie Gohmert is going to lie about easily-checked facts, what will he do about stuff that's harder to check, or stuff that requires taking his word for it?

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