June 17, 2004
And the licensing scheme is...

SixApart has announced its licensing and pricing scheme for MovableType 3.0. It looks like they really listened to the voluminous feedback they got from their users about how they actually used the product. Good news for me: I can continue to use their software for free if I choose to do so (if they start accepting credit card payment, I'm more likely to buy a license, as I've never been able to get my wife's PayPal account to work for me (and yes, she knows that I've wanted to use it)). Good news for SixApart: Michael is gruntled again. Like Michael, I'm in no rush to update, and for the same reason. But I'm glad to know that when I'm ready there's a viable path for me.

Oh, and if you're into the heavy magic, their plugin contest is still running. Start your coding engines!

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