June 18, 2004

In addition to the Blogger Caucus, I will be attending one convention-related activity this weekend, a party tonight for Richard Morrison. Look for me there if you attend.

The Chron says that the state Dems are pinning their hopes on a couple of "upsets" in this year's elections, though they don't really spend much time exploring that, nor do they examine anything beyond the races involving redistricted candidates. The sidebar that looks ahead to 2006 is interesting, though.

The Express-News looks at some grumbling over a keynote address being delivered by State Rep. Sylvester Turner. Greg asks the logical question - since the convention is being held in State Rep. Garnet Coleman's district, why not have him speak instead? Byron has a few more details to chip in.

Shannon and Sarah have some Day One reports from Houston for you.

Curious quote du jour, in the Star-Telegram:

Pat Carlson, chairwoman of the GOP in Tarrant County, said predictions of Democratic victories are nothing more than "wishful thinking."

"And I wish they would put Hillary [Rodham Clinton] on the ticket, because then we'd have it in the bag," Carlson said.

So, um, does that mean you're worried about your chances of winning otherwise? And if so, that makes us thinking wishfully how?

Finally, though normally taking the advice of Republicans on how to rebuild the state Democratic Party, especially when printed in a Republican-friendly venue like the Dallas Morning News, is akin to taking the croupier's advice on which bet to place at craps, I must note that there is some good stuff contained therein. And also, perhaps inadvertently, one clear window into just how the Ronald Reagan path to success that these GOP veterans extol really worked.

As Democratic officeholders began converting to the GOP, Mr. Strake said, party luminaries such as U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm and Vice President George Bush would call some Democrats to give them a nudge.

"I'd tell them you'll sleep much better under the party of Ronald Reagan than Jesse Jackson," Mr. Strake recalled.

Need I say more?

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