June 21, 2004
Convention wrapups

Quite a few bloggers attended the state Democratic Convention this past weekend, and many of them have written up their experiences. There's a lot of good stuff out there, so check out these links if you want to know what really happened.

Byron has an early report. He and Karl-Thomas should have their wrapups done later today.

Greg Wythe has two long posts, both of which are very informative.

Cate Read, who appears to be a neighbor of mine (how in the world is it that I'd not heard of her before now?), is going to be a national delegate.

Tom Fowler will not be a national delegate, but he's okay with that. He also has a report from Richard Morrison's Brazoria County manager.

Gary Denton has some links now and will have some more later, including a "surprise" email interview. I'll check back and see what that's about.

Thanks to Gary I've found another new blogger, Aggro, who reports on the Technology Caucus.

Vince Leibowitz has all kinds of stuff, including this report from the Credentials Committee, this chat with Congressional candidate Jim Nickerson, running in CD04 against Ralph Hall, and this impressive bit of name-dropping. You da man, Vince.

Shannon Sizemore has a couple of photos up.

Sarah reports on the Young Dems, Drive Democracy, and obstreporous cabbies.

Finally (for now), the convention was a big success for Richard Morrison. The one event I did get to attend was a party for Morrison thrown by the Harris County Democratic Lawyers Association. The room was packed, with many people wearing "Morrison for Congress" T-shirts. There's a lot of energy in that campaign, and I believe only good things will come of it.

If I missed your writeup, please let me know. Thanks!

UPDATE: George Strong adds something I didn't realize:

And the Democrats were loving the Hilton Americas Hotel and the fact that it is now the largest and the only Union hotel in the City. The Gossips think that the hotel will see lots of Democratic events held there just because they know that union members will benefit.


UPDATE: More from the Morrison campaign, and the Joe Hill Dispatch.

UPDATE: Here's Stephen Bates' report. Hope you're feeling better, Steve!

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