June 22, 2004
For those keeping score at home

Here's a handy dandy guide to the various scandals, investigations, and allegations of impropriety currently being bandied about in our fair state. Even I had lost track of one or two of these. No clue when any of them will be wrapped up, but at least there's a list to look at. Via Free State Standard.

One point of interest:

[Phil] King, the Weatherford Republican, said Texas could prevent some of the partisan back-and-forth with clearer ethics laws. Because of ambiguities, he said, some politicians "step over the line" with regards to campaign ethics and others lodge unfair complaints.

"I believe we need a special committee to review the ethics laws, and to clarify the ambiguities, and to try to come up with something that is workable, clear and understandable," King said.

I'll believe it when I see it, Phil. As with independent nonpartisan redistricting committees, the minority party usually has a much greater interest in tougher ethics rules since they usually have more to gain from them, so I'd expect him to get the same response from his partymates that Jeff Wentworth has gotten. But if he's serious, and more to the point if he's successful, I'll give him his props for it.

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