June 27, 2004
Tarrant County for nobody

Apparently, there are no official Presidential campaigns in Fort Worth.

As popular as he is in Tarrant County, President Bush is lacking one thing here: someone to organize his local re-election campaign.

The Texas Republican and former governor has plenty of campaign "co-chairs" in Tarrant County, but they are involved mainly in raising money, said Pat Carlson, chairwoman of the local GOP.

Someone is needed, she said, to be the point person for Bush's grassroots troops, charged with such duties as putting out yard signs and handing out T-shirts.

Bush is not alone in lacking an official county campaign chief. Neither does Democrat John Kerry, although his supporters say there are plenty of "Kerry clubs" in the area, mostly coordinated by Lynda Brender, wife of local Democratic Party Chairman Art Brender.

Hey, no rush, folks. Plenty of time.

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