July 06, 2004

Here are a couple of images for you:

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I see that the Bush-Cheney team have their McCain ad up. Here's the Democrats' response (via Atrios), plus a few words from John McCain on Senator Edwards (via Political Wire). Nice timing, guys!

Oh, and I agree with Jim D: KHPT disc jockey Carey Edwards is going to wish he had a different name any minute now.

UPDATE: The Bonassus has the perfect campaigning strategy for Kerry/Edwards.

UPDATE: As expected, Archpundit is eating a little crow today. No worries; as someone pointed out in his comments, at least his misstatement is not in a sure-to-be-a-collector's-item form like the New York Post. And yes, going from Gephardt-dread to Edwards-elation beats the heck out of the other way 'round.

UPDATE: Larry Sabato lists some plusses and minuses for Edwards. I note with interest that his view of the Edwards/Cheney VP debate matchup is diametrically opposed to mine. Now I'm actually interested in the VP debate to see who's right. Via Political Wire.

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Charles, I'm making it my mission in life to score a ticket to the debate here in Cleveland. I cannot wait.

Posted by: sean on July 6, 2004 1:13 PM