July 07, 2004
The Blogging Line

In the course of examining the Edwards-as-VP selection, Greg goes off on what may be an entertaining tangent.

With the ticket settled, I think its time to begin turning a little attention to debates. The bigs will have their say, likely in three little-watched debates. Saturday Night Live may have a blast with them, but I'll reserve judgement till they air. Here in the blogosphere, I think its time to do things our way, however. One scenario I'll toss out here for consideration:

Pick two or three participants per side. I'd likely nominate myself, Kuff, Kevin, and erstwhile commentor Ulysses since there's a more or less equal opportunity for knowing each other's argumentation styles and ideological quirks some. Run the debate something like OpinionDuel.com does with a 4-day rotation whereby each participant gets a turn at leading off the debate with a challenging or pointed question to the other side. During the day, this post is followed by response by the opposition, a rebuttal by the initial side, and the last word by the opposition. Each contestant getting a turn at bat. Goal being to make the best case possible for either a Bush/Cheney ticket or a Kerry/Edwards ticket. The same plan can be carried out by one side apeice, but I think the more participants, the better ... up to perhaps 3 or 4 a side.

Greg expresses a preference for local participants, as that would allow some opportunities to meet and prepare beforehand (and down a few brews, which he didn't say but I know he meant), but that's not a dealbreaker, I presume. Time permitting, I'm game for this, though of course now I'm sweating the fact that I did jazz band in high school instead of the debate team. Leave a comment here or there if you like this idea or not, or if you'd like to join one team or the other. Who knows? Maybe we can make this a real event. Gotta start somewhere, right?

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