July 11, 2004
Nobody knows the trouble he's seen

Some day, someone will appear on a talk show as Ken Lay's cellmate.

After he was taken to the federal courthouse in handcuffs Thursday, ex-corporate kingpin Ken Lay started chatting with a couple of other men in his holding cell.

The two, in green prison garb and leg irons, were charged in the smuggling ring deaths of 19 undocumented workers in Victoria.

"One young man said: `I think I saw you on TV last night,' " recalled Lay, who had surrendered that day and was awaiting a court hearing so he could be freed on bond.

So for the next three hours, the former CEO and two alleged human smugglers talked. Defendants from other holding cells soon chimed in.

"A couple even asked me for investment advice," Lay said with a laugh.

His response: "Well, I've not really thought much about that recently," said Lay, who lost hundreds of millions of dollars after Enron's collapse.

Snark fails me. Talk amongst yourselves.

Oh, and the letters to the editor ran 4-0 against Kenny Boy on Saturday. Scroll down to "On Ken Lays indictment, guilt".

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 11, 2004 to Enronarama | TrackBack

Asking for investment advice from Ken Lay.

Words fail me.

Can we nominate this guy for Jeralyn's "stupid criminal of the week"?

Posted by: niq on July 11, 2004 11:13 PM

Isn't getting investment tips from Ken Lay similar to getting betting tips from Pete Rose?

As Mike Lupica put it yesterday: "Is there some way we can get the Adelphia guys and the Enron guys to be cellmates?"

Posted by: William Hughes on July 12, 2004 4:48 AM