July 15, 2004
Some campaign notes

A few notes from around the Congressional campaigns...

Byron notes that Martin Frost outraised his opponent this quarter and is well on his way to meeting his overall fundraising goal. That's good news, since we all know the campaign there is going to be expensive.

Taking On Tom DeLay finds a letter to the Chron with a good question for the Majority Leader.

Morris Meyer notes Smokey Joe Barton's excuse for his little franking foulup and comments on the Texas couple that was arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts at a Bush political event in North Carolina. He's also trying to meet an ambitious fundraising goal for July - consider helping him out if you can.

Max Sandlin pays homage to Nacogdoches County, which is one of the prettier parts of East Texas in my opinion.

Chet Edwards and Arlene Wohlgemuth have agreed to a debate format. Check this out:

# Opening Statement (10 minutes):

* 5 minutes each candidate
* (Order determined by coin toss—coin toss winner can choose to open first and close first OR open second and close last )

# Audience Q&A: 42 minutes

* Questions will be from audience, written on index cards at the event, and given to the
moderator to ask
* One question per audience member limit
* All questions must be addressed to both candidates – no personalized questions.
* Each candidate gets 2 minutes to respond.
* Candidate who gave 1st opening statement responds second to first question
* Order then alternates

# Candidate Q&A: 7 minutes
(Order determined by 2nd coin toss)

* Candidate A asks Candidate B a question; question not to exceed 30 seconds
* Candidate B answers - 2 minutes
* Candidate A may rebut- 1 minute
* Alternate

# Closing (10 minutes):

* Each candidate gets 5 minutes
* The candidate who gave the second introduction gets to go last

Now that's the way a debate should be. If the Bush/Kerry tete-a-tetes were more like that, I bet more people would tune in.

On the national scene, some more good fundraising news as the DCCC outraised their GOP counterparts this past quarter, and are nearly even with them in cash on hand.

Want to win a free ticket to Boston? Here's a good way, also courtesy of the DCCC. I'm passing on this, since even with a free ticket I can't make it there this year (and I like to think I'm doing my part on the Road to Eleven), but don't let that stop you.

Finally, be sure to check out the new DailyKos/MyDD venture, OurCongress. I've become quite the Congressional-race junkie, so even despite this site's current lack of an RSS feed, it'll be a daily stop for me.

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