July 16, 2004
Good question

Via the Quorum Report, Alma Allen asks the kid of question that I think needs to get asked more often.

Alma Allen (D-Houston) wanted to know one thing from her State Board of Education colleagues: If board members planned to talk the talk about no sex before marriage in high school health textbooks, how many of them had actually walked the walk?

No one rushed to answer Allen's question yesterday, but it did make her point. While every parent wants a child to abstain from sex during high school, it's not always realistic to assume every child will choose abstinence over sex, Allen said. Allen said it was time for the State Board of Education to "get real."

"Whether you did or whether you did not practice abstinence, you always want your children to abstain from sex in high school," Allen said to her colleagues. "I was very open about it. I didn't practice abstinence before marriage, and I didn't teach my children that abstinence was the only choice, but I certainly taught them a lot of other things as we rode along together in a locked-up car."

Damn straight. I believe these questions should be asked of anyone who promotes abstinence as the only form of sex education.

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