July 19, 2004
The money race

The Morning News has an unfortunately useless article about how the various Congressional candidates are doing in their fundraising for this year. It notes that there's a lot of money being raised, and that three Dems - Max Sandlin, Nick Lampson, and Chet Edwards - are leading their Republican rivals in cash on hand, then gives no details about any of them. Thankfully, with Open Secrets, it's easy to fill in where mass media fails, though I'm puzzled by the discrepancy between the DMN's claim that Pete Sessions has $2.6 million banked to Martin Frost's $1.6 mil, and Open Secrets' report that Frost is leading $1.9 million to $1.7 million. Someone's data are out of date.

Speaking of Max Sandlin, here's some more news about his campaign. Via Free State Standard.

UPDATE: Rob notes in the comments that Open Secrets' data is not necessarily up to date. Guess I'll need to check back again in a few days.

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If you look below Rep. Sandlin's name, you'll see:

Last Report: 3/31/2004

The new data was due to the FEC on 7/15, but it hasn't been updated on Open Secrets. It'll take them some time.

The press probably got some kind of initial report and that's what they're commenting on.

Posted by: Rob Booth (Slightly Rough) on July 19, 2004 10:08 PM