July 24, 2004
State house money races

Andrew D highlights some of the competitive State House races and how the candidates are doing with fundraising. Most impressive is Mark Strama, but Kelly White and Hubert Vo, both of whom you'll be seeing on Texas Tuesdays in the coming weeks, are also doing well. Check it out.

UPDATE: According to Governing Magazine, more than half of the states, control of one or both chambers of the state legislatures are up for grabs. Not surprisingly, Texas wasn't mentioned. I think the Dems have a decent shot at making some gains, but they need 14 seats for control, and that ain't gonna happen. Still, this will be an interesting subplot to keep an eye on. Via Political Wire.

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Off-topic, Charles, I just looked at Texas Tuesdays (a bit after 6PM Saturday) and it appears to have been comment-spammed within the past hour or so.

Posted by: Steve Bates on July 24, 2004 6:14 PM