July 26, 2004
Maybe they could get Admiral Stockdale

LULAC vs. John Culberson. That could be entertaining if it actually happens.

The local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens has challenged U.S. Rep. John Culberson, R-Houston, to a debate. The topic: his proposal to bar immigrants from using an identification card issued by Mexico's government to open bank accounts in the United States.

Culberson called the challenge "a publicity stunt." LULAC media director Johnny Mata fired back that the Republican congressman isn't necessary for a debate anyway.

"We're going to hold it with or without him," Mata said. "It's a symbolic thing."

If necessary, he said, another elected official or a LULAC member "will have a debate with an empty chair."

The measure is attached to an appropriations bill scheduled for a House vote in September. Culberson said he acted after FBI and Homeland Security officials advised him that the card, known as matricula consular, can be obtained fraudulently with a fake birth certificate and that suspected Middle Eastern terrorists have used it to enter the country, posing as Hispanics.

LULAC says illegal immigrants without bank accounts often are robbed because they must carry cash.

Culberson said he would take part in a "thoughtful and rational discussion or debate that involves federal law enforcement officials, so the public can make an informed judgment."

Mata said that works for him.

So...does that mean Culberson will take part in the debate or not? Don't leave me hanging like that!

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