July 26, 2004
Express-News blogging the convention

The San Antonio Express News jumps on the blogging bandwagon with a Democratc Convention-themed blog. No catchy title, RSS feed, or any other bells and whistles as far as I can tell, but at least each entry has its own link. Author Bruce Davidson may or may not file anything substantial, but he's got a good eye for the goofy so far, as this entry would attest.

Another male Democrat in the Sheraton was wearing a button that said, "I love pro-choice girls." Apparently, he is hoping for more than speeches during the four-day gathering.

Well, if all else fails for him, professional help is available.

Oddly, elsewhere on the site the E-N has a more traditional-style diary by a San Antonio delegate. You'd think a blog-style setup would be called for there as well, but apparently not. Naturally, that means there's no index link, but there is at least a picture of the author and an intro article about her.

Last but not least, this article about how state Democrats insist Texas' electoral votes can't be taken for granted contains a nugget to warm my heart:

The youngest Bexar County delegate is Matt Glazer, a 22-year-old Trinity University graduate.

I'm so glad my alma mater will be represented. Make us proud, Matt!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 26, 2004 to Blog stuff | TrackBack

"Well, if all else fails for him, professional help is available."

On a related note, New York escort services will also be bringing in "hired help" from out of town for the RNC next month.

It kind of boggles the mind that New York doesn't have enough "temporary workers" to satisfy the need.

Posted by: William Hughes on July 26, 2004 11:02 AM

Matt Glazer! Good for you. We were Dean Texas Rangers in New Hampshire. Glad you made it to the convention.

Posted by: TF on July 26, 2004 1:05 PM