July 29, 2004
"And in other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead"

I do believe that Byron has found the dumbest convention story yet.

MIA at the DNC

The Democrats best known to the most Texans aren't at the Boston Hilton this week. They aren't delegates, so they're on vacation or back at work. They include:

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Austin

Rep. Chet Edwards, Waco

Rep. Martin Frost, Arlington

Rep. Solomon Ortiz, Corpus Christi

Rep. Max Sandlin, Marshall

Former comptroller and lieutenant governor nominee John Sharp

Governor nominee Tony Sanchez

Former attorney general Jim Mattox

Former land commissioner Garry Mauro

Former agriculture commissioner Jim Hightower (although he came for a day to promote his book.)

Former House Speaker Pete Laney

Former U.S. Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (who is in frail health)

Former state senator and Texas Supreme Court Justice Oscar Mauzy

Former Senate nominee Victor Morales

As Byron notes, Hightower - who supported Nader in 2000 - is only nominally a Democrat these days, while Victor Morales renounced the Democrats in 2002 after losing the Senate primary runoff to Ron Kirk. A commenter whose email address suggests he may be related to Garry Mauro says that the former Land Commish has been there all week. That's bad enough, but one name really stands out as an egregious error: the late Oscar Mauzy.


Justice Oscar Holcombe Mauzy, champion of the people and friend of the underdog, died peacefully after a brave battle against lung cancer on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2000.

Hey, guess what? Ma and Pa Ferguson aren't there either! The Democrats have, like, totally abandoned their history!


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