July 30, 2004
Kerry's speech

So I didn't actually watch Kerry's speech last night. I'm not a big speech-watching person, and hey, it's not like he has to convince me that he'd make a fine President. With one notable exception, the lefty bloggers seem to approve of it, and quite a few of them are downright pumped. Sounds good to me.

In reviewing Kerry's speech, the Chron was typically backhanded and mealy-mouthed, which in context means they couldn't find anything obvious to gripe about. I'll take that.

UPDATE: Had a chance to look around a bit. The Morning News called it a "strong speech" that "serve Mr. Kerry well in his quest for the White House". The Statesman also used the word "strong", as in "strong on security". The Express-News made the astonishing observation that there's some kind of battle going on for moderate and undecided voters. Whoo-ee, slow down there, Tex! I think they seemed to imply that Kerry may have had some success in doing that, but my head is still spinning so I can't say for sure.

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