August 01, 2004
Photoshop opportunity

Clay Robison piles on Tom DeLay for being unclear on the concept of "parody", and makes a suggestion that I think needs a little blog publicity:

Fortunately, I am not in the corporate or political consulting business, but Democrats who want to have some fun with the "pathologically partisan" Tom DeLay and his political money machine could borrow an idea or two from Subway.

It is not difficult to picture DeLay's photo in an ad, altered to show his mouth stuffed not with French fries, but with good ol' American dollars.

Or, his face superimposed over the Statue of Liberty, his arm outstretched to the corporate masses and holding aloft an invitation to a fund-raiser.

Now, that really would give the majority leader something over which to sputter.

OK, all you people with mad Photoshop skillz. Here's the original picture that got DeLay's panties in a twist. Take whatever action you deem appropriate - feel free to find and alter a different picture as well - and send me a link with the results. I'll come up with some kind of appropriate prize (I'm thinking it'll involve food) for the person who comes up with the best example. Have fun!

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something like this?

Posted by: kerry on August 2, 2004 11:45 AM