August 08, 2004
Book signing opportunity

Want to hear Molly Ivins and other Texas Observer authors read from Fifty Years of the Texas Observer, and maybe score an autograph? You lucky duckies in Austin and San Antonio will have your chance in September:

Sept 8 BookPeople, Austin 7:00 p.m. Details here.

Sept 9 The Twig, San Antonio 5-7 p.m. Details here.

Sept 18 Barnes & Nobles at Fiesta Trails, SA 2p.m. Details not online yet.

Sept 27 Barnes & Nobles at Westlakes, Austin. Details not online yet.

If and when they come to Houston, Dallas, or elsewhere, I'll let you know. You can preorder thru or through the bookstores above. Trinity University Press will have its online shopping function available later this month.

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