August 11, 2004
Soechting followup

Karl-T and Redpeg give their thoughts on Chairman Soechting's objection to the DNC's money-exporting practice. Karl-T's bit about the State Party's relationship with county parties is especially worth reading. Check it out.

UPDATE: Lasso promises a relevant Statesman article for the weekend. StoutDem also chips in.

UPDATE: And Greg checks in.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 11, 2004 to Show Business for Ugly People | TrackBack

Your state party chair is making a mockery of you.

I can only imagine how embarassed I'd be if my state party chair did something like that.

Posted by: Another Rice Grad on August 11, 2004 9:31 PM

Why would you be embarassed if your state party chair made the simple, logical point that not one penny of the millions of dollars your generous neighbors sends out of state comes back to help your local candidates run for governor, for mayor, for constable, for judge?

Posted by: Zangwell Arrow on August 12, 2004 5:59 PM