August 14, 2004
That voodoo that you don't do

I guess you could call this I Got My Mojo Workin' But It Just Don't Work On You:

The head of a multistate drug ring that paid a voodoo priestess for protection from federal agents might want a refund.

John Timothy Cotton, 39, is facing a life sentence after being convicted of drug trafficking. Cotton was accused of leading a Houston-based organization that netted an estimated $43 million over 10 years, dealing crack cocaine in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Kansas.

"This was probably the largest drug-trafficking case prosecuted by this office in several years," said U.S. Attorney Donald Washington.

Most of the drugs came from Colombia and the Dominican Republic, where Cotton shipped at least $500,000 on one occasion in a car stuffed with cash, Washington said. Cotton and other members of the drug ring paid thousands of dollars for voodoo hexes against federal agents and for protection, Washington said.

"They paid what they called a spiritual adviser -- what we would call a voodoo priestess -- large amounts of money for blessings to protect their drug-trafficking business ...," Washington said. "If I were them, I would ask for my money back."

Better hope they kept the receipt. And is it just me, or is anyone else mildly alarmed by the fact that the U.S. Attorney's office has been categorizing voodoo priestesses?

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