August 21, 2004
The NYT says "It's Worth It"

Tom and Kevin both note this NYT story about the Houston: It's Worth It campaign. I think it's pretty strong evidence for the effectiveness of the HIWI campaign that the Times wrote a respectful and gets-it article about the effort and the city it's selling. Given the Times' track record in these matters, that's no small feat.

And yeah, the fact that it's got Jordy Tollett's nose out of joint is good, too. Keep it up, fellas.

I can't let this bit go by without comment:

Of course, ttweak does not permit just any comment on the site. "We have an abundant amount of massage parlors at competitive prices," was one remark that did not pass muster, Mr. Twaddle said.

I was going to say "Different strokes for different folks", but now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't. Let's just move on here.

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