August 21, 2004
No ruling yet in Heflin case

The judge in the strange custody dispute between Talmadge Heflin and his former maid has declined to rule for now on the matter, which is a victory in a way for the Heflins since the child in question will remain in their care until the ruling is made. The interesting bit in the story is the recognition that Heflin has finally responded to his earlier White Man's Burden comment.

The Heflins' lawyer, Harry Tindall, challenged allegations that the Heflins' efforts are inappropriate. He also addressed Talmadge Heflin's comment during testimony Wednesday about "the terrible problem that black male children have growing up into manhood without being in prison."

"Race is not an issue here and this is not about acting as a plantation owner," Tindall said when asked about the Heflins' motives. "This is a couple who, in their 60s, stepped up to the mat to help a child. ... We have good evidence that the (parents') track record is not good."

And maybe you do, which maybe we'll all find out about in good time. For now, though, Rick Casey's observation that there were "no police reports, no complaints to Child Protective Services, no testimony from medical staff" introduced into evidence stands in contrast to that assertion. Stay tuned.

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This is one of the strangest things I've heard of in a long time. Channel 13 reported yesterday something about the birth mother being involved in a divorce. It made my brain hurt.

I have to wonder how easily a judge can give a kid that young to parents in their 60s. Statistically speaking, I can't imagine that they'd have a very good chance of living long enough to see the kid graduate from high school. You can't just think short term when it comes to things like this.

Posted by: Sue on August 21, 2004 11:56 AM