August 21, 2004
We may never get rid of Beelzebud

Beelzebud Selig's term as Commissioner of Major League Baseball has been extended through 2009. That sound you hear is my teeth grinding.

I may have more to say about this later, when I'm done banging my head against the wall. For now, let's all just agree that a Commissioner who is basically an extension of the owners is not really a Commissioner who can act solely in the best interests of the game. Sadly, it'll now likely be at least another five years before that conflict of interest can be resolved.

UPDATE: Dayn Perry rants about this so I don't have to. What he said.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 21, 2004 to Baseball | TrackBack

Oh ye of little faith.

With any luck at all we'll get an announcement in December that he's resigning for health reasons and Our Fearless Leader has deigned to accept the job.

Posted by: julia on August 21, 2004 1:11 PM

Well, there's one sign of the apocalypse down...

Posted by: Tim on August 22, 2004 7:33 PM