August 30, 2004
Smoky Joe vs. Kid Meyer

Here's a nice little plug for Morris Meyer, spotted in the Dallas Morning News editorial blog:

The editorial board interviewed Morris Meyer, the Democratic candidate for Congressional District 6, this afternoon. The incumbent, Republican Joe Barton, declined our invitation to be interviewed alongside Mr. Meyer.

If I were Mr. Barton, I'd be worried. Mr. Meyer is the real deal -- a smart, passionate, well-informed citizen-politician who appears to be riding the crest of constituent unhappiness with Smokey Joe's defense of industrial polluters at the expense of vulnerable children and elders. I'd enourage people in the heavily Republican district -- which includes Ellis County and Arlington -- to give Mr. Meyer a serious and open look.

posted by Timothy O'Leary @ Aug 27, 6:45 PM

There are no permalinks in the DMN EdBlog, so this will shortly disappear. The Meyer campaign blog flagged it for future reference. Look for another appearance by Morris Meyer on Texas Tuesdays soon, and if you can't wait that long, help him out now.

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