August 30, 2004
He never gives up

There's a fine line between "persistent" and "delusional". You tell me which side of that line Governor Perry is on.

Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday that he would not rule out a special, lame-duck legislative session perhaps after the November elections on school finance reform.

"There is always the possibility, if we can find the consensus and get the House and Senate to sign off on a plan," Mr. Perry told reporters after speaking to a gathering of GOP women at the Republican National Convention.

"I've told no one to disregard the fact that if we're into the fall, that's a reason not to be prepared to come into Austin with a week's notice."

Mr. Perry called lawmakers to a special session this spring, but lawmakers were unable to agree on a solution.

It's unclear how the dynamics of a November special session would affect the ability to get a bill passed. Elections earlier in the month could leave a number of lame ducks in the Legislature.

Having a bunch of lawmakers who won't have to answer to voters making vast changes to the tax code - there's a capital idea.

Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas, who has been involved in the talks, said the Nov. 2 elections, along with the time off many officials take after campaigning and with Thanksgiving, would complicate returning to Austin.

"If the governor wants to be hard-core and call a special session, I'll be there," said Mr. Branch, whose district includes the property rich Highland Park school district.

I'll take "Lukewarm endorsements" for $100, Alex.

Not much more to say here. I don't see any reason to take this pronouncement more seriously than any of the others. Via Lasso.

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