September 01, 2004
DeLay ducks

I'm still laughing at a bit in Dave McNeely's blog, which you'll have to scroll down to see:

Choice: the Hammer or the media. No contest.
When members of the Texas press were called and uninvited to a convention-eve party at the New York Stock Exchange for the Texas delegation to the Republican National Convention, they were told it was because of belatedly discovered stock exchange policy barring media at private events.

But a GOP source says the real reason was that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, informed the Texas group in no uncertain terms that if the media was there, he wouldn’t be.

The thought was that the exchange folks had agreed to take the blame. But when reporters called to check, turned out there was no such policy.

I'm not sure which is the funniest part - that DeLay is too chicken or petulant to attend an event at which there might be newsies, that somone thought it was preferable to make up a reason for it rather than just come out and say that the party-throwers chose to accomodate him, or that it took all of one phone call to get to the real reason.

As noted directly underneath, there's a fundraiser in Austin for Richard Morrison tomorrow night for the purposes of getting his ad on TV. Check out the ad, and help him out if you can.

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Add to your list of what is the funniest: the speed in which the NYSE officials dropped the flacks in the grease by denying the existence of such a policy.

Posted by: Chris on September 1, 2004 11:53 AM

That is hilarious.

Posted by: jesselee on September 2, 2004 1:08 PM