September 05, 2004
Revenue cap, take two

I mostly want to take the weekend off from politics, but Houstonians ought to be sure they read this article on the upcoming fight over differing revenue cap proposals. As I said before, I plan on voting against both of them, but may be forced to vote for Prop 1 if it looks like both will pass since I think it's not as bad as Prop 2. You won't see any Presidential advertising around here, and you may or may not see some Congressional ads, but you'll see plenty of ads for and against these two propositions. Get ready for it.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 05, 2004 to Local politics | TrackBack

I just saw a discussion on prop 1 and 2 on channel 17 the other day and I hope Prop 2 doesn't pass. It seems like it would be dangerous for our city. How can capping all sources of revenue do any sort of good?

Though, I agree with Prop 1 that we should cap our property taxes. They have gone up so much for my family over the past several years. I got more information from their website, and now I'm even more certain that prop 1 would be right for our city.

The problem I think is that not many people know about this. I know I wouldn't have had I not caught the tv discussion and checked the website. The problem about property taxes that never seem to go anywhere but up needs to be addressed ASAP. And if people knew more about this, I think they would agree. When it comes down to it, I think Prop 2 is telling us what we want to hear but doesn't offer any specifics and a cap on all revenue would definitely hurt our city.

Let's hope Prop 1 passes.

Posted by: Natalie on September 21, 2004 11:54 AM