September 09, 2004
Coming attractions

MyDD has a list of Democratic Congressional candidates who are in line to get help from the DCCC. More details are promised soon. Meanwhile, get ready for some TV ads in a market near you. I note that the Roll Call story cited mentions something a bit worrisome to me:

In the Tyler and Beaumont markets, both in Texas, the NRCC has reserved television time while the DCCC has not.

Those are the main areas for Max Sandlin and Nick Lampson, respectively (Lampson's CD02 also stretches into eastern Houston and Harris County). Both candidates at last report held fundraising advantages over their opponents (not that this should stop you from helping them), but I'd hate to see that wiped out by NRCC money. I hope the DCCC just hasn't gotten around to reserving some airtime in these markets yet.

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Hey, I probably should have noted this from an AP story on the same subject:

"'It's very, very important to stress this is not a guarantee that we're going up (advertising) anywhere and certainly doesn't preclude us from going into additional districts,' said Greg Speed, a spokesman for the DCCC."

Much more to come, don't worry.

Posted by: jesselee on September 9, 2004 11:09 AM