September 14, 2004
Texas Tuesday: Richard Morrison

I've been flogging the various Tom DeLay scandals and outrages for some time now. I do this for two reasons. One is that I think DeLay is a corrupt, morally bankrupt charlatan who can't be removed from power quickly enough. The other reason, one which I think is even more important, is that I believe in Richard Morrison. Having met and spoken to him several times, I can say in all earnestness that he's the kind of person I want to see in Congress. He'll represent the people who live in his district, and not the prevailing moneyed interests. He'll stand for the sensible middle that everyone complains gets the short shrift, rather than the extreme fringe. He'll care about good and efficient governance, rather than government as a means to an ideological end. I can't say enough about him, and I strongly encourage you to check him out for yourself.

Texas Tuesdays is proud to feature Richard Morrison, the next Congressman from Sugar Land. The intro is here and the latest interview is here. There may be a guest post later, so check back for details. You can help Richard Morrison by making a donation, or if you live in the area, by volunteering to help the campaign. You can see our earlier interviews with Richard on the Texas Tuesdays ActBlue page, where you can also make a donation to him or any of the other Texas Democratic candidates. And finally, you can help the DCCC help Morrison. We've got seven weeks left, and every little bit counts.

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