September 15, 2004
Richard Morrison wrapup

We got a huge response yesterday to Richard Morrison's appearance on Texas Tuesdays. Who knew so many people didn't like Tom DeLay? There's a long list of thank-yous here and a personal message from Richard here. As always, it's never a bad time to donate to Richard Morrison, to donate to any Texas Tuesday candidate, to donate to the DCCC, or to find a worthy candidate and volunteer your time and energy.

We'll keep bringing you information about Texas' fine slate of Democratic Congressional incumbents and candidates. There's no room to let up - those fun-loving folks at the Club for Growth are spending their nickels on two Texas races, setting their sights on Nick Lampson and Chet Edwards. Chron columnist Cragg Hines takes a look at Edwards' race against Arlene "Memorial Day Massacre" Wohlgemuth. This is what we're up against, folks. Please do what you can to help.

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