September 21, 2004
Taking back Texas

Some other news and notes from the campaigns:

Check out Take Back Texas, which looks to be a clearinghouse on various state races of interest. They've got some good stories on several familiar Texas Tuesday names, and a good story from the Sunday Star-Telegram about Democratic hopes for gains in the State House. I expect this will be a useful reference, so take a look.

Speaking of Texas Tuesdays - it is the right day for it, after all - we had a couple of non-Tuesday entries this past week, with this one about Jake Gilbreath and his so-far-futile efforts to get his opponent to debate him (seems to be a lot of that going around this season; can't imagine why), and this one about Becky "Buy Now While I'm Still Cheap!" Klein.

There's good voter registration news in Austin and in Houston. I've got some thoughts on how things might look in Harris County this year that I need to sort out and write down when I get a minute.

As noted by Greg in the prior link, I hope to be interviewing Harris County Democratic DA candidate Reggie McKamie in the near future. Feel free to email me any question suggestions. No guarantees I'll use them, but I will read them. Anyone interested in me trying to do a group Q&A session with some Harris County judicial candidates? Let me know.

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