September 21, 2004
Has it been six months already?

The Stakeholder and Taking on Tom DeLay both note that the Travis County grand jury which is investigating the TRMPAC allegations ends its term today amid rumors of indictments. From the Chron:

Terry Scarborough, a lawyer representing TRMPAC, said attorneys involved in the case are prepared for the possibility the grand jury will return an indictment.

"I've heard a lot of rumors that they are. Nobody knows for sure," Scarborough said.

Criminal defense lawyer Roy Minton said he had spoken with Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle after hearing rumors of possible indictments. Minton represents Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick and the Texas Association of Business.

"I don't expect any indictments on the people I represent," Minton said.

Other lawyers involved in the case, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they also do not expect an indictment of DeLay, R-Sugar Land, but said the grand jury apparently has focused its attention on TRMPAC.


Even though the current grand jury term is ending, prosecutors could hand the case off to a new grand jury.

From the Statesman:

The speculation among a half-dozen defense lawyers seemed to heighten Monday because the grand jury scheduled its last meeting for today. The deadline for the grand jury to act is Sept. 30. The jurors, who meet in secret, could schedule another meeting, but lawyers said they think that is unlikely. Prosecutors declined to comment.


San Antonio lawyer Van Hilley confirmed Monday that his client, Mariner Health Care Inc., talked to prosecutors by phone. Mariner Health Care is a member of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, a group of 14 national nursing home chains that gave $100,000 to the GOP PAC. Representatives for the alliance could not be reached Monday night.

I've heard from a couple of people in Texas that there's a lot of anticipation on the Democratic side of things. One way or the other, there's going to be a lot of celebrating and complaining around here today. Not much more to say right now except "stay tuned".

UPDATE: I've been told that the grand jury has handed down a 32-count indictment, with Texans for a Republican Majority PAC executive director John Colyandro and treasurer Bill Ceverha indicted. I'm also told some corporations were cited. No details yet, no news that I can find on the wires, so check back later for more.

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I've heard from a couple of people in Texas that there's a lot of anticipation on the Democratic side of things.

Surely it didn't take a couple of anonymous sources to reveal THAT! :D

Posted by: kevin whited on September 21, 2004 12:11 PM

Early details of the indictments here.

Posted by: citizen Able on September 21, 2004 1:35 PM