September 22, 2004
DeLay's folly is Morrison's opportunity

We've all been enjoying a little schadenfreude at the expense of Tom DeLay and his cronies, but it could mean so much more if the current unpleasantness surrounding him leads directly to his exit from the public stage. You know what that means - show a little love to the man who's taking the fight to DeLay, Richard Morrison. If you live around here, you can get involved directly. The Fort Bend County Democratic Party is throwing a little rally on October 2 which they're calling A Democratic Salute to Democracy (warning: page plays music). Come on along and meet Richard, Al Green, Albert Hollan, and a variety of other Fort Bend Democrats. There'll be food, music, and fun for the whole family, and hey, it'll be October. That's the good-to-be-outside time of year in Houston. What more do you want?

If you want to help out some more, the FBCDP is looking for individuals and businesses to help sponsor this event. Details can be found here (Word doc), or drop me a note and I'll pass you on to the right people. Deadline for being a sponsor is Monday, so please respond quickly.

October 2 is exactly one month before Election Day. Get involved now while you still can.

UPDATE: Meant to link in Morrison's statement on the indictments and the local news coverage of the House Ethics Committee's dithering, along with Morrison's reponse. (On a personal note, the guy who wrote that story is an old acquaintance of mine. Nice to see his byline again.)

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