September 23, 2004
Hubener and Allen

Here's an update on the race for SD106, featuring Katy Hubener and the multi-tasking wizardry of incumbent Ray Allen. (Have I mentioned that this is the kind of coverage of local races that I want to see more of in the Chronicle? Yes, I do believe that I have.)

Mr. Allen, 53, is a self-described conservative Republican, backed by business and law enforcement. He is anti-abortion, pro-gun rights and a nationally known expert on criminal justice. He is married with five children.

A former environmental lobbyist, Ms. Hubener, 33, advises nonprofit groups on fund raising and media relations. She is a teacher and Realtor. She grew up in Duncanville and is single with no children.


Observers say the race in the normally low-turnout district, where 56-percent of voters are registered Republicans, isn't as close as some others, but is definitely in play.

"It would be an upset," Austin political analyst Tony Proffitt said.

Ms. Hubener said she's trying to focus on issues such as education and health care. The actions of her campaign and supporters suggest that Mr. Allen faces a brawl.

During a recent interview, Ms. Hubener's campaign manager accused Mr. Allen of "using taxpayer dollars to fund his prison privatization-lobbying firm" a reference to Mr. Allen's lone lobby client, the National Corrections Industry Association. It has two private-prison members in addition to the public prison systems in all 50 states, the federal prison system, city and county jails and corporations that contract with prisons.

Ms. Hubener's Web site links to a newspaper editorial criticizing Mr. Allen's use of Austin staffers to do his campaign work using private telephone lines and computers. The opinion piece said the practice, although legal, gave the perception of impropriety.

Mr. Allen scaled back the practice after the editorial, which he said was "on point."

There's more, so do check it out. Katy Hubener was featured on Texas Tuesdays here and here, and you can donate to her here.

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I hate to nitpick again, but I should probably point out that you put SD106.

Posted by: Dingo on September 24, 2004 2:44 PM