September 25, 2004
August traffic report

September's almost over, isn't it? That means I really ought to do the August traffic report, so I don't fall any farther behind. We had about 45,000 hits in August, a nice rebound from the doldrums of July but still behind the heights of May and June. A link from Kevin Drum is always a big traffic driver, and I got one of those last month.

As for my overall totals, as I'm on my second blog location and third Sitemeter counter, it's not really possible to say for sure. I'm over 600,000, but that's about as exact as it gets. Needless to say, whatever the number is I'm very happy with it, and I thank you all for coming by.

Top referrers and search engine terms are beneath the More link.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 787: 359: 248:

Weblog referrers
4783: Political Animal

2182: Daily Kos


534: Atrios

296: The Burnt Orange Report

238: Pandagon

223: The Sideshow

151: MyDD

141: A Perfectly Cromulent Blog

122: Safety for Dummies

103: Kicking Ass

101: Coffee Corner

Top search terms
#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
685: diane zamora
382: real men of genius
330: extreme home makeovers
325: deal hudson
272: american idol tryouts
180: jon matthews
128: houston it's worth it
113: schlitterbahn galveston
107: gregg phillips
88: link dump
69: off the kuff
66: thurman munson
66: veterans for kerry
62: swift boat veterans
60: budweiser real men of genius
60: talmadge heflin
57: wichita falls tornado
53: american idol try outs

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