September 26, 2004
New DA in Waller County

Governor Perry has appointed a replacement for the leaving-in-shame Oliver Kitzman.

Gov. Rick Perry on Friday appointed William Parham of Hempstead as the new criminal district attorney for Waller County.

Parham, an assistant district attorney, will succeed Oliver Kitzman, who resigned in midterm last month after a controversy over voting rights for Prairie View A&M University students.

Parham will serve the remaining two years of Kitzman's term if he wins the Nov. 2 election. He will face Democratic nominee Sylvia Cedillo, a civil rights attorney who directs the Domestic Violence Project at Prairie View A&M. Parham and Cedillo were chosen for the general election ballot by their respective parties' county executive committees.

I would have preferred a non-candidate to be picked to fill in before the election, but I suppose this race will be high-profile enough that the temporary incumbency that Perry has conferred on Parham won't matter all that much. This will be an interesting race to watch in November.

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