October 03, 2004
"I'll take Blogs for $200, Alex"

Some years ago, I created a series of Get To Know Your Neighbor questionnaires for a mailing list I was on. One of the questions was "What are the five categories you'd most like to see in Double Jeopardy? What are the five you'd least like to see?" That generated a lot of good responses, most of which amusing but highly unlikely to ever be seen as actual categories on the show.

Up until today, I'd have considered "Blogs" to be a category highly unlikely ever to be seen on Jeopardy. Apparently, the writers for Jeopardy thought otherwise. Now there's a new standard for how you know you've truly made it as a blogger. Via Kevin Drum.

(For the record, my Five Best Categories (as best I recall) were something like Baseball, Bridge, Classic Rock, Math, and Reasons Why The Network Is Down Today, while my Five Worst were Russian Poetry, Top 40 Music, Broccoli, Foreign Film, and Understanding Women. Most of those would still work today.)

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I auditioned for Jeopardy back when the show just came back on the air. If you ever want to pass the audition, just be aware that they ALWAYS have one category on EVERY audition test, the one category that will ALWAYS weed out the most people. That category is: The Bible.

Posted by: Charles E on October 5, 2004 1:47 AM