October 07, 2004
Roundup on DeLay

Just a sample of what some other folks have said. I'm certain I'll miss a few, so let me apologize in advance.

The Stakeholder is all over this. See here, here, here, and here.

Julia brings the snark (I know, what are the odds of that?), NTodd recalls one of DeLay's greatest hits, and Sean overviews things.

Taking on Tom DeLay rounds up some other news coverage and also notes the Chron's first-time-for-everything quote of Richard Morrison.

Kos has some stuff from Roll Call.

And finally, a few words from The Poor Man, who likens the Ethics Committee to Cheez Whiz. It makes sense, I swear.

UPDATE: One of the benefits of an early work schedule is that I can make it home in time to catch Lou Dobbs, which featured a nice segment on the "Ethically Challenged" (their words) Tom DeLay, plus a brief interview with Rep. Chris Bell. I'll check for a transcript later, but for now, just one thing: The grand jury investigating DeLay is in Austin, not Houston. Lou got it wrong three times.

TAPPED asks Bell to elaborate on his statement that the Ethics Committee's action is the "strongest indication yet that Mr. DeLay himself is the target" of that grand jury. Here's what he said:

The committee states in its memorandum that it has been following the investigation in Austin quite closely. Mr. DeLay has claimed that heís not a target of the investigation, but if heís not a target then there would be no reason for the Ethics Committee to defer action. They apparently seem to believe after following the case that thereís a strong possibility that he is a target and that an indictment will be forthcoming, and thatís a thought that I share. I think that Mr. Earle has made it quite clear that this is an ongoing investigation and that he has in no way, shape or form tried to lead anyone to believe that Mr. DeLay is off the hook. So I think by deferring action on that particular account, the ethics committee seems to believe that Mr. DeLay could very well be a target.

Seems logical to me.

And of course, there's more and more from The Stakeholder.

UPDATE: Check out Jesse's domino theory.

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