October 12, 2004
Yard signs in Sugar Land

Would you like to hear about some more bad electoral news for Tom DeLay? Yes, I think you would.

Richard Morrison may live in Sugar Land like Tom DeLay, but they're not in the same neighborhood politically.

In the neighborhood of the 22nd District, sometimes what is side-by-side can seem to be a political contradiction.

In Ft. Bend County, there are signs of unprecedented political interest.

At Republican Headquarters, the big demand is for Bush-Cheney signs. This is longtime Tom DeLay turf and by their count, 600 DeLay signs have headed out.

People here will argue that if Washington's most powerful politician is having to exert a little more power at home this time, it's because 30 percent of DeLay's district is new.

They discount DeLay's string of personal and ethical controversies.

"I think the more people hear of the accusations that have been brought around and uh, some of the unkind things that have been said about him, the more determined they are to get in here and support him," says Linda Hancock of Ft. Bend Victory 2004.

Political analysts continue to give DeLay an edge in the race. His campaign staff says DeLay himself will be in the district this weekend to campaign.

He may come across a scattering of other political signs of the times such as Bush-Cheney signs coexisting with Richard Morrison signs. Democrat Morrison has worked what is often considered the heartland of Republican voters, and some Bush voters say they will cross over.

"It's a fresh start and I think he can add a lot of new blood. He believes in bi-partisan working together. It's kind of an answer as to why there's two different representations in the signs," says voter Tom Suter.

For those with such signs, what seems like a contradiction is the beauty of the American system at work.

Oh, and according to the Morrison campaign, they've handed out 6000 yard signs. Don't look back, Tom - someone is gaining on you.

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Yes, Kuff, more! More! :)

Posted by: Jim D on October 12, 2004 11:03 PM

Well, if anyone really wants to win give www.onedollarsigns.com a try and you'll get more signs for your money.

Posted by: John Mcknight on July 20, 2005 9:12 PM