November 14, 2004
"Lost" and found

Here's a great article on how the hit show "Lost" came to be in almost no time. There are times when I feel like the writers are going by the seat of their pants, and the heavy meet-the-characters plots of late have distracted a bit from the mystery of the island (though we appear to be heading back to that next week), but overall it's been pretty damn enjoyable seeing them grope their way through it all. I'm still torn on the idea of whether this should be a one-season story arc that resolves itself one way or another in the end or not. I have no clue if you could continue this concept indefinitely, but I've been happy with things so far, so we'll see.

And it's majorly cool that Yunjin Kim is from Staten Island. My hometown hasn't had a decent celebrity since Rick "Don't call me Ricky!" Schroder. About time we got another one.

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Hey, it's not that bad. Some communities would be thrilled to coast on Dorothy Day for centuries.

Posted by: julia on November 14, 2004 3:04 PM