November 16, 2004
Who's in Heflin's office now?

Talmadge Heflin may yet challenge his electoral loss to Hubert Vo, but in the meantime, he's been evicted from his office in the Capitol.

Some people in Austin already are waiting to move in, with a senior legislator claiming Heflin's Capitol office in a ritual that follows legislative elections. Based on seniority, returning House members get the chance to pick new offices being vacated by retiring or defeated members.

State Rep. Edmund Kuempel, R-Seguin, the only remaining member of the legislative group first seated in 1983 along with Heflin, claimed Heflin's third-floor office, one of the bigger ones in the Capitol.

Rep. Peggy Hamric, R-Houston, who chairs the House Administration Committee that on Monday began reassigning office space, said she doesn't know if Heflin will contest the election.

"I'm sure he will make whatever decision is best for him," she said.

But she said it is necessary to proceed with the office assignments so moves can be complete before the 2005 regular session convenes Jan. 11.

Hamric, who has been in the Legislature since 1991 and is the senior Republican member of the Harris County delegation after Heflin, said letters about office assignments were mailed to all House members the day after the election.

The most senior members started the office assignment process Monday. It will be completed the first week of December. Legislators who aren't returning have until Dec. 1 to empty their offices, she said.

Is it just me, or does anyone else hear Don Meredith singing "When The Party's Over"?

I should note that just because some folks in Austin are looking at reality doesn't mean that will be the predominant view. If Talmadge Heflin does go forward with a formal House challenge, it will be an expensive proposition for Hubert Vo. For that reason, Richard Morrison is urging people to consider helping out Hubert Vo. Byron has the details.

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