November 27, 2004
Muusings and the Sideshow

Sarah Berel-Harrop, a frequent commenter around here of late and a member of the Hubert Vo campagin team, has her own blog now. I promised her I'd give her some publicity when she got started, and I'm pleased to do so for an intelligent, progressive Houston voice like hers. Check it out.

Elsewhere, Avedon Carol has a new home. She still needs to get a working RSS feed, but update your blogrolls, and hopefully that will follow.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 27, 2004 to Blog stuff | TrackBack

Where can I get one that doesn't require me either to use dedicated blogging software or else stuff a whole bunch of extra code into every single timestamp?

Posted by: Avedon on November 27, 2004 6:37 PM

PS. How 'bout you change the link on your blogroll, while we're on the subject?

Posted by: Avedon on November 27, 2004 7:03 PM

Sorry, it's updated. is taking its time displaying it, but it's been changed in my account.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on November 28, 2004 4:20 PM