December 05, 2004
November traffic report

Even with the lull of the Thanksgiving holiday, November was my busiest month ever, with over 63,000 hits. I had a similar buildup, though with much smaller numbers, around the 2002 elections. I do expect things to drop off - December numbers are already slower, and we're nowhere near Christmas yet. But that's OK. I feel I've got a great audience here, and as always, I really appreciate your readership. I know of at least one colleague who's shutting things down post-election, but there will be none of that here. Too much to talk about, and it's still fun to do.

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3409: Political Animal

2234: Daily Kos


478: Liberal Oasis

470: The Burnt Orange Report

404: Atrios

204: ABC13 News

194: Pandagon

152: Houston's Clear Thinkers

135: MyDD

129: Greg's Opinion

125: Safety for Dummies

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3051: klol
806: real men of genius
681: diane zamora
394: electoral vote calculator
390: walton and johnson
309: rock 101 klol
267: outlaw dave
242: extreme home makeovers
177: charlie pallilo
176: walton and johnson show
169: klol petition
151: 101 klol
135: off the kuff
130: walton and johnson radio
128: hubert vo
123: kermit washington rudy tomjanovich
121: lupe valdez
117: what happened to klol
103: talmadge heflin
103: election 2006

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 05, 2004 to Traffic Reports | TrackBack

Thanks for the mention, Charles.

After two months being gone from blogging, re-building the audience just wasn't something I was up to. I'm shutting down the, but you can still find my stuff at the Political State Report, And, this week, I'm guest posting over at

Posted by: Vince Leibowitz on December 5, 2004 9:31 PM