December 15, 2004
Stall on traffic light cameras

I was going to headline this post Traffic cameras run into a red light, but thankfully, I decided against it.

City Attorney Arturo Michel said he expected today's scheduled vote on the ordinance to be delayed, because City Council members and city residents still have questions about the proposal. Officials tried to answer them Tuesday.

Michel said owners of ticketed cars could appeal their fines either to a city hearing officer or to a municipal court.

In addition, owners who were not driving their cars at the time a violation was photographed could file a sworn affidavit with the city to get the citation dismissed. The catch would be that the owner would have to provide the city with the name and address of the driver so that person could be cited.

In cases involving company-owned vehicles, the citation would be sent to the company, which would be liable for the fine, Michel said. It would be up to company officials to decide how or whether to seek reimbursement from employees or customers who ran lights in company-owned cars.

Well, at least that's more than we originally knew about this proposal. I guess no one in City Council wanted to comment on the record yet - it still seems strange that no actual Council members were quoted with the questions they supposedly still have. Whatever.

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