December 17, 2004
Thirteen things to like

Prentiss Riddle gets into the "Houston: It's Worth It" game by giving us thirteen things he'll miss about our fair city now that he'll no longer need to travel here on a regular basis. A couple of things I'd add to his fine list:

1. Right across the street from the Brazos Bookstore is another great independent, Murder By The Book. You want to find a great mystery/detective/thriller novel, these are the folks to talk to.

2. Not far from El Paraíso, at Fairview and Montrose, is La Mexicana, where to wash down your authentic Tex Mex breakfast or lunch you can order a genuine original Coca Cola, made as God intended it with real cane sugar. Ask 'em for a "Mexican Coke", since that's where they're bottled, and enjoy the buzz.

3. Any discussion of art in Houston ought to include a shout-out to Giant Presidential Head sculptor David Adickes, whose workshop is just northwest of downtown. Be sure to catch his giant cello at the Lyric Center in the Theater District, too.

There's always more, of course, but the fun is in finding it for yourself. This will get you started, I think. Thanks to Scott for the tip.

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Ruchis taqueria at main and 610 south. Great eats, cheap and absolutley no pretense.

Posted by: chris on December 18, 2004 10:51 AM