December 17, 2004
An early look at 2005

Like Greg, I expected the mayorless local elections next year to be duds. Turns out there's more to look forward to than I thought. I'll add a couple of thoughts to Greg's:

1. I, too, like Jay Aiyer, though I don't know him nearly as well as Greg does. I've also met Sue Lovell and think well of her. Both would make a fine choice for At Large #2.

2. Peter Brown was the one City Council candidate that I wanted to meet and talk to last time around but didn't get a chance. I can understand Greg's reluctance about him, as I've heard he was rather non-dynamic on the stump, but I suspect some of Jolanda Jones' connections will make him appear the more palatable alternative to the wingnut Jeff Daily.

3. For some reason, I thought Mark Lee was a Republican. I'm glad to see that impression was wrong.

4. Is it too early to speculate where Gordon Quan might seek office next? The dude's won three citywide races, so he should be a decent candidate wherever he might choose to throw his hat. According to the Voter Registration database, he lives in CD07 and HD134. I'd be more than happy to see him go after either of those seats.

5. Yes, I know, technically there will be elections for Mayor and City Comptroller next year. I'll go out on a limb here and say no way in hell do either Bill White or Annise Parker draw serious, well-funded opponents. Gotta wait until 2009 for any action there.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 17, 2004 to Election 2005 | TrackBack

You're correct in that I'd forgotten about Jones being Quanell X's legal eagle. And yes, it does put some pause in whatever decision I opt for. My biggest qualm about Peter Brown is that, for someone running on the importance of "smart growth" he is singularly godawful at explaining to what one simple questioner put forth to him at an event: "What is smart growth." One would hope that Brown might offer two corrections to this event:

- Do not answer with something like "It's planning for growth smartly."
- Make a more convincing case as to why it's necessary.

I'm not in the Courreges-camp on adamant refusal for anything that smacks of planning, but dammit ... make your case, at least, and don't try to just sell me on a freakin' label. Beyond that, Brown is openly advocating himself as a candidate of Dem voters, pointing out his victory would replace an R with a D on council. As I stated, I'm more a fan of non-partisan city council (it's just a matter of degrees of partisanship, I realize), Brown seems to run very much counter to that ideal. My vote is open for negotiation on this race and unfortunately, I think it may well come down to Daily v Brown.

Re: Mark Lee ... he either currently is or previously was the treasurer for SD17's Democratic caucus.

Posted by: Greg Wythe on December 17, 2004 11:06 AM

Sue Lovell's been a civic activist in Houston since way back in the day. In all the political work I did when I lived there, I had a favorable impression as well.

Posted by: Ellen on December 17, 2004 3:09 PM

Look at Gordon Quan's record, he is way out to the LEFT.

Posted by: Rolf Strauss on December 18, 2004 10:53 AM

Herman Litt is going to be the best Councilman District C has had in a long time.

He sees the big picture, he's done a great job improving things at HCC, he has a TON of support from all over the district, and he's a strong campaigner.

He is a dead lock for the runoff, and he will pick up the support of anybody else in the last round.

Posted by: Ryan Stewart on December 19, 2004 2:54 PM