January 12, 2005
The Red State and By The Bayou

Couple of new and new-to-me Houston blogs to check out. First is The Red State, run by Eddie Rodriguez, who used to work for State Rep. Carlos Uresti (D, San Antonio) and served as the Chief Clerk for House Committee on Human Services during the 78th Texas Legislature. He also worked on Hubert Vo's campaign, and he's the founder of the Houston chapter of Drinking Liberally. Among his recent entries are a listing of some Bills of Ill Repute to watch out for in the 79th Lege.

Closer to home (for me, anyway) is By the Bayou, whose author John lives in the Heights. He's got a review of Hotel Rwanda, a tale of walking in Houston, and two posts on Strange Household Objects that...well, just go look and see for yourself.

Anyway. Good stuff at both places, so check them out.

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