January 18, 2005
Banjo Jones on NPR

Banjo Jones tells his story of getting fired by the Chron for blogging to NPR. Also see the Houston Press story from the time.

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Firing an employee for blogging is legal, but usually an over-reaction.

In Banjo Jones's case, the issue was apparently "journalistic ethics." I've long felt that such ethics are applied inconsistently, at best, but in any case, it seems that making him stop blogging and giving him a week's suspension should have been adequate punishment. (Even if the Chron decided they just absolutely had to fire him, they should have done so right off the bat, rather than forcing him to keep his blog - and his life - in limbo under the false hope that they'd keep him on. Humiliating him, then firing him anyway, was just plain mean.)

He also links to a flight attendant who was fired for posting "inappropriate" photos of herself on her blog. Some of her photos were lascivious, but there were no bared naughty bits. Nonetheless, I'd agree with Delta that she went too far. (I suspect this is one of those rare cases where fundies and feminists would agree.)

But wouldn't taking down the "inappropriate" photos and a reprimand have been sufficient?

Business employment practices seem to be the original model for the idiotic "zero-tolerance" policies that have been infesting our public schools (thanks, Mr. Reagan!) and public housing (thanks, Mr. Clinton!) for the last decade or two.

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