February 01, 2005
DeLay gets on board with Social Security

I'm sure you've been following all the twists and turns in the Social Security privatization personalization modernization transmogrification debate - Josh Marshall has certainly been a tireless resource. It seems we've reached a critical juncture:

Lawmakers said a turning point came Friday when House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), who has been leery of taking on Social Security, argued that the caucus had a "moral obligation" to do so.

Republicans will certainly need DeLay to shore up support for the President's plan (whatever it may be) within their own ranks. For once, they're a lot less unified than the Democrats are. I'm sure he'll do his usual behind the scenes thing, but that doesn't mean Democrats can't tie him more closely to this effort. The Daily DeLay is now referring to the "Bush/DeLay Privatization Plan", and I wouldn't mind seeing that phrase picked up here and there. I'm sure the folks at The Stakeholder will do their part. Do feel free to join in as well.

The point here is just a bit of framing. DeLay, when people have heard of him, isn't very popular. Neither (so far, at least) is Social Security transmogrification, but a lot of people have heard of it. That's two bad tastes that taste bad together, which sounds like a good thing from my perspective. We'll see if it catches on at all.

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